Purple corn Benefits – amazing reasons you should add it to your diet

Purple corn is known for its miraculous benefits to health. It is an organic product, that means is not genetically modified, and is cultivated in many areas around the world.

Purple corn, short history

Ever since ancient times, long before America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, purple maize was cultivated in Peru. Purple maize was initially regarded with suspicion, but later it was brought to Europe as well as all over the world. This type of corn has miraculous effects on human health and treats a multitude of diseases.

Therapeutic properties

Nutritionists claim that, in general, purple or blue fruit and vegetables are good for human health. Purple maize, like purple potato, contains anthocyanins, which gives it an anti-inflammatory, anticancer or antioxidant character.

Anthocyanins belong to a class of molecules called flavonoids, which are synthesized with the phenylpropanoids pathway. They can be found in all tissues of plants, flowers, and fruits.They are odorous and moderate astringent compounds. Anthocyans can be used as food additives.

Obesity – One of the most powerful effects of purple corn is that it can fight obesity. Why? Because it contains a very small number of calories per gram. Consumed regularly, purple corn is a price ally for extra pounds.

Anticancerigen – According to researchers at Ohio State University, pure corn contains an abundance of anthocyans that help destroy more than 20% of cancer cells in vitro. It also contains an extremely high amount of vitamin E and C.

Antioxidant – Experts in nutrition and nutrition say that natural cultures that are stained with dark purple have more antioxidants, anthocyanins, to be more precise. Anthocyans is the most powerful antioxidant found in the nutritional word. The stronger the purple color in a product, the richer it is. Therefore, purple corn is the most powerful food in the world.

Consumption of purple corn

Like ordinary corn, the purple can be boiled, baked, or in the form of porridge or pudding. It is recommended to consume it as a tea or boiled. Here is the recommended recipe:

  • a cup of purple corn
  • 1 liter of water
  • lemon juice, honey, cinnamon sticks (optional for taste)
  • Put the water on the iron, then add the corn. Boil until the beans soak and water or juice becomes purple. After cooling, add honey or lemon juice to taste.

It can be consumed like tea, two-three cups a day.

What does purple corn contain?

The intense purple color hides a lot of nutrients:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • fiber
  • antioxidants
  • protein
  • Very few calories

Method of cultivation in the garden

Optimum soil temperature for germination – 16 – 25 degrees

Depth of planting – 0.3 – 0.6 cm

Germination – 4 – 12 days

Maturing – 90 – 100 days after germination

Spacing between plants – 30 – 45 cm

For more details about purple corn, watch this exciting video!

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